Document Preparation Services

Document Scanning Services

An important part of getting your legal work done is having reliable document scanning services. At Orange Document Services, we create digitized files to help you do your legal work. As we scan, we make sure the files created are in whichever format will fit the needs of your project best. Files can be scanned as TIFF, PDF, or Concordance, among other file types.

With Orange Document Services, onsite scanning is available. When it comes to legal documents, we know that many documents cannot leave the company premises or may need specific supervision. With our on-site scanning services, we can send one of our professional document technicians to your location and provide our document scanning services on the spot.

This on-site service is particularly useful for document scanning, but we can arrange some other on-site services as needed.

Document Scanning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

In addition to document scanning services, we offer a variety of document preparation services. We can provide paper copies of any document you need, as well as posters and banners. We can even accommodate high-volume printing so that your large printing jobs get the same quick and accurate treatment as all your other jobs.

As part of our document preparation services, we also offer exhibit binders, trial boards, and legal briefs. All legal documents are prepared to client and court specifications. Upon request, we can file legal briefs with the court and deliver binders directly to the courthouse.

To discuss the right document scanning services for your company in Salt Lake City, UT, call Orange Document Services at 801-415-9663.

Orange Document Services has been providing legal support work, such as document scanning services and document preparation services, in Salt Lake City, UT, for over 20 years. We have a passion for perfection and punctuality, which means our work is always done quickly and accurately.